Welcome! We Are CASSELLIE

A lot of changes are happening here at Cassellie and we’re really excited to be sharing our experiences with you. Firstly, welcome to our first ever blog!

As you can see, we now have a new and re-designed website, built to better offer our product and services to our customers. Not only were you the main focus of the re-designed website but it was to also define our brand online. Don’t be shy to tell us what you think about the new look and the blog, we’d love to hear from you!

So, who are we? We Are CASSELLIE.

We provide suppliers, retailers and customers premium bathroom products. Our products have been designed with detail and with the latest technology to seamlessly blend both design and quality together, perfect for you to build your very own dream bathroom.

We eliminate the façade around how luxury bathroom products can be expensive by offering premium luxury bathroom products without the premium price. We are here to help you bring together your dream bathroom through many of our bathroom collections.

Whether is it a modern or traditional looking bathroom you are after we have the right product ranges for you to browse through. Needing a chic yet stylish shower enclosure? We’ll help you choose the right products to help you design it!

Our Values

We wanted to make sure that you knew exactly who we are as a company; the people behind the innovative designs, research and development to your luxury yet affordable premium bathroom products.

Our team here approach our jobs with integrity and we trust each other to successfully carry out duties to fulfil their role. We are fuelled with passion which has reflected in the achievement of growth in the company and we remain loyal to Cassellie as we are valued and trusted to run the company with the same family-like atmosphere it has always had in the past. Want to know more About Us?

New & Upcoming!

Now that you know a little bit more about us, expect to hear more from us as we are currently undergoing some really exciting changes that we want you to be a part of!

Just to give you a little sneak preview, we’ll be launching one of our latest and newly developed products soon! Could it be a new and innovative vanity unit? Or a bespoke and technologically advanced shower? Who knows! But we do know that it will ONLY be available in the UK by us, so make sure you stay updated with our blog to find out!

In the next couple of weeks, we will be establishing our official social platforms giving you the opportunity to choose how you wish to communicate and keep up to date with us. Sounds exciting right? A lot is happening here, so make sure you keep up!

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