New Era, CASSELLIE Goes Social! Go Social with Us!

Yes, Cassellie are going social! As you may have realised, the company has been quite active online lately and that is because we are currently fuelling our growth. We realise how technologically advanced the world has been and how things are moving into the digital era, therefore we have decided to adhere to the needs of our customers. Not only will you be able to keep up with CASSELLIE’s latest news and updates, we can help you draw inspiration for your dream bathroom through our products or even help you find the right centre pieces for your bathroom.

We have decided to build on our online presence, providing you readers behind the scene updates, trends, events and news about our brand through our blogs. Not only are we blogging for you, we have even hopped onto social media! That’s right! Come and create your dream bathroom with us on Pinterest, exploring different mood boards, bathroom designs, styles and ambiences. Better yet, follow us on Instagram to see us showcase our products and new ranges. If you have previously purchased products from us, visited our offices or have been in involved with us before, don’t forget to give our official Facebook page a Like! Links are provided down below.

That’s all from us for this blog, we’ll keep you updated soon… Get Social With Us!




Image Credits: Thrive Global
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