It’s Finally here! Our very own Rapid Fix Toilet Seat ONLY Available in the UK

Cleaning the toilet seat, it isn’t anyone’s favourite job, especially in a busy household. It is viewed as a chore and un-hygienic as they hold endless amounts of bacteria and microbes that can harvest for days. Difficult to get in-between them hinges? Or spreading the same wiped bacteria and germs around? Not to worry, Cassellie’s new and innovative designed toilet seat can be the answer to your toilet cleaning solutions! Introducing Rapid Fix our very first patented designed toilet seat.

Did you know?

A number of diseases can be caught from these foul surfaces such as the Norovirus, E. Coli, Shigella and resistant Staphylococcus. Fungi, yeast and parasites are just a few of many harmful bacteria that can be passed onto humans from the toilet seat. Many hard toilet surfaces can hoard bacteria and viruses for days, some of which are expelled from faeces and vomit. Have you ever seen water droplets on the toilet seat before you use it? Or even after you’ve flush? The remains of flushed toilet water with human toxins can sometimes still be visible on the toilet seat when toilets furiously flush water away, which is why they should be cleaned frequently. But really, who has time to clean them so thoroughly, frequently through the day? Toilet stains, mould and limescale all of which are hard to clean especially if it is around them hinges at the back!

Rapid Fix!

The name of our very own patent designed toilet speaks for itself. Rapid Fix! Very quick and easy to remove and reassemble that anyone will be able to do it. It provides more ease and convenience when it comes to the cleaning not to mention that the fixture of the product itself is simple and swift!

Cleaning, No Longer a Chore

So, Cassellie now has the answer to your toilet cleaning solutions but how does it really work? Goodbye to the days where you must lift the toilet seat up to clean the toilet bowl. Hinges and cap flaps? They were never really free of germs and bacteria no matter how many times you wiped by them. Now, just simply release the flap along the back of the toilet seat, lift away and clean the whole toilet bowl to your hearts content.

It is such an easy and simple motion to remove the whole toilet seat from the bowl and to place it back on, left with no hinges, bolts or caps. Easy to re-apply, simply just by placing it back onto the bowl and putting the lever back down, the suction pads below will do the work for you to keep your seat secure. Perfect! How much more convenient does it get? You’re probably thinking that I can just remove my current toilet seat and screw it back on but really, how unconventional is that every time you clean it? Plus, the bolts are still left through the toilet bowl harvesting all that bacteria!

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Where To Get Yours

Probably wondering where to get one? Or whether it would fit your toilet shape or size? Not to worry, we’ve thought about it for you. Rapid fix is available ONLY in the UK for all UK shaped toilets whilst in Europe and the US an adjustable feature has been added in order for Rapid Fix to assemble onto universal shaped toilets. Check out Rapid Fix NOW! For more product description and specs on the different seats email our team at or give us a call on 01924 666590.

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