The 2019 Bathroom Trends To Look Out For

Cassellie’s 5 Top Bathroom Trends of 2019

Out of date? Untrendy? Time to take a step back and re-think about your bathroom style. Put some thought into the places that you spend the most time in, like your bathroom! It may be the most functional room in your home, other than your kitchen. Let’s be honest, it is where guests are more likely to spectate when they pay your bathroom a visit. Cassellie have gathered some of many trends that will be entering your sanctuary, the place where you escape to after a long day to relax and reflect.

Industrial Matte Black 

Making way into our bathrooms as well as our kitchens, Matte Black is the trending colour in 2019. Bringing their industrial yet chic and rustic vibe to bathrooms this colour makes a bold statement within our homes. Why not add a touch of matte black to your bathroom? As a classic colour, it has the ability to co-ordinate with flat colour schemes and palettes, standing out amongst other bathroom utilities you may have. View our Black Shower Profile below, creating an industrial yet rustic feel to your shower enclosure.

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Hello Exposed Plumbing

Somehow visually exposing your plumbing has become quite trendy, highlighting flashy chrome finishes, giving a neat and clean feel to simple bathroom designs. Emphasizing on the industrial look, all bathroom materials have a chance to stand out within bathrooms without overpowering the entire ambience of the room, like these exposed showers below. Contributing toward contemporary aesthetics, exposed showers open seamlessly into the bathroom helping to pair industrial and rustic with modern beauty.

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Warm Metallic & Gold Hues

Bringing a warm glow to our bathrooms are gold and metallic hues as king chrome takes the back seat. Bringing back the vintage feel, modern metallic finishes are emerging and they are worth introducing to your bathroom. Check the different bathroom designs below that incorporate metallic fixtures and fittings, the metallic hues bring a focal point to your bathroom adding an elegant edge where eyes will be drawn to.

Image Credits: Dyke and Dean, Amara – The Lux Pad, lindyegalloway

Open Bathroom Concepts

Having both a bath tub and shower in the same area of the bathroom is an emerging concept that is becoming increasingly popular. That’s right, this innovative use of space gives your bathroom a much bigger look by simply separating water space and the rest of the bathroom with a glass panel. Simple yet elegant and spacious, open bathroom concepts feel more inviting and relaxing for bathroom users with bundles amount of space to walk in.

Image Credit: Jane Cameron Architects , Nyde, Contemporary Lighting

Bathroom Design Ideas?

So, have the trends of 2019 enlightened you to try something new in your bathroom? Let us know what ideas you may have to transform your bathroom! Or share some trends with us that you may have come across. Don’t be shy, just comment below and let us know.

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